Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Texture Testing

Mental Ray
focused on texturing the machine; but some area's are too stretched out & I have to go back to adjust. Also, the arrows are going to look more neon-colored.

Lighting Test

Saturday, July 6, 2013

tribal drawings

mythological creatures in tribal drawing-style
Created Fall 2011
Created February 2013

Logo Design I made for myself

3D Animation

Made Summer 2013

Pocket Watch

Made January 2013
3d animation (in process)

Convenience Store

Made in Fall 2012
Large models done.

Objects in the Convenience Store

Victorian Bedroom

Made in July 2012
A Victorian Bedroom
Finished but needs to be textured

Practice Render of only Bed & Lamps
Objects/Furniture in bedroom

Horse Buggy

Made in Summer 2012
A horse buggy without texture

Sushi Restaurant

Made in June 2012
A sushi restaurant without texture


Made back in June 2012
A modern lamp design used to test out lighting.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Spring 2013

  1. Computer Animation 3
  • My first attempt 3d rigging
  1. Animation 2
  • Demo Reel of my second attempt in 2d animation

  1. Computer Game Development 1
  • Created a First-Person video game & a Side-Scroller video game.

Fall 2012

  1. Computer Animation 2
  • Creating a man is difficult, but I'm happy on how realistic he looks.

  1. Interactive Design
  • My first attempt in video game developement.
  1. Photography

Spring 2012

  1. Computer Animation 1
  • First attempt in 3d modeling

  1. Time Based Media Design
  • Final Project- I'm happy with this because I was able to fit my sense of humor & all of the jokes in the short amount of time given.

Fall 2011

Animation 1

  1. Demo Reel- My first attempt with 2d animation

Design For Media-
  1. Paintball War
  • With this, It's poorly done but I'm pleased because I accomplished so many drawings in the short amount of time.
  1. "3 Colors"
  • showing one color can change the expression of the drawings- Black, White & __________.