Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Quick Models

Finished this foot in less than an hour.
One part of model completed.

More Models for Convenience Store

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Collaborative Projects

Project Idea 1
"Fly Fishing"

Style: 2D Animation Short
Time: 3-4 minutes long
This is the story of a hard-headed grandfather taking his pre-teen grandson on his tiny airship to go fly fishing. The landscape is an empty cloudy sky where giant koi-fish swim in the sky as well. There is a clear tension between the grandfather who refuses to alter his fishing ways for his grandson. The grandson uses his own fishing ways to reel in a fish -he gets one but accidentally causes the koi-fish to crash into the airship! The boy goes overboard! Luckily he lands on a Koi-Fish. The grandfather tries to fish the fish out -and the boy lures the fish with his own fishing techniques. The grandfather has to use his grandson's methods to get his son back and the two of them are reunited.
Character(s): Grandfather, Pre-teen grandson, Giant Koi-Fish
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Setting: A cloudy sky -there is no land anywhere
Plot: Fishing is what brings the two together.
Conflict/Drama: A Koi-Fish accidentally bumps the airship, causing grandson to go overboard!
Theme: You can learn at any age; Adapting to change is how you learn.
Music: (This link....but no bird sounds) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_kKFjwpwqc
We can make it that the ending -credits are in 3d; because this short is mainly objects & they are easy to model and to rig/animate in 3d.

Project Idea 2
"Normality With Insanity"
Style: Live-Action
Time: 4-6 minutes long
This is the story of a boy/girl having to take treatment from a therapist to discuss their mental state. Through out this story; there is the discussion of what is considered to be normal and insanity; the patient doesn't seem to grasp reality. When finally coming to terms with everything, it is revealed at the end that the normality the therapist was teaching was actually insanity considered by others (meaning everyone has their own opinion of what insanity/normality is).
Character(s): Therapist, Sick Boy/Girl
Genre: Suspense/Horror/Comedy
Setting: A Therapist office
Plot: A Therapist treats a patient telling him/her that his/her insanity could be altered to make her normality more...normal. Mental Break down
Conflict: Saying his/her normal  is insanity but thinking other people's normal is her/his insanity.
Theme: Your definition of normality could be someone else's insanity; meaning you cannot decide someone's mental state.
With this story it can be altered that the inner conscience has a good & bad side stalking the patient -which can make it more comical for the audience.
Also; we can make quick insanity/normality flashes in 2d/3d animation; so the animation students have more of a role.